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Fifty Shades Darker PDF

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James is one of the fastest selling books in history. So what are you waiting for? Become a part of the incredible sensation sweeping the globe and pick up your eBook copy of the second book in the sensational trilogy today!


This book is the second installation of the trilogy written by E.L. James. It is the story of how the young female Anastasia Steele attempted to restart her life again after breaking up with the mysterious and ever so attractive Christian Grey. As the story progresses, the readers get to witness how Grey still dominates the mind, heart, and every other senses of Anastasia. When Grey comes back to her and makes another irresistible offer, the two continued their affair. Through various ways, the lead female would know more about the dark damaged past of her man.

While he deals with all of his demons, another challenge must be faced by Anastasia–the other women lusting for her Christian. In this book, Anastasia has to make a very important decision that would surely be a turning point in her life.

Moreover, a lot of characters also comes into the surface making the story more complicated and interesting. There is Jack, Anastasia’s boss and Elena or Mrs. Robinson, who is the reason for Christian’s corruption, dating back from his childhood years. The weird thing about this is the fact that Mrs. Robinson is so adamant with being friends with Anastasia and the lead character just hating Mrs. Robinson to her bones.

The books goes on and tells the audience the story of Christian and Anastasia trying to be together despite their differences and unpleasant past. It looks on a positive light as the two consider a future together and of course, for those who want to be entertained in many ways, the number of mature scenes in the book do not disappoint.

Still written for a mature audience, this second book received the same mixed reaction. A lot of people are still enamored by Christian Grey, while others are plainly not into the whole thing.

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