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It’s a shame if you haven’t read the most erotic novel of the new millennium ‘Fifty shades of Grey pdf format’ by E. L James, built around young, beautiful Anna Steel and the less romantic yet strikingly handsome Christian Grey who is the most eligible bachelor of New York city. The extremely captivating story of the young couple opens doors to a new side of relationship between man and a woman to an extent previous authors of our time haven’t dived in before.

The novel has broken many records topping up best seller lists all around the world including USA and UK.

The book was published in 2011 and gained immense popularity specially among the young generation receiving un imaginable reviews around the globe especially, on the New York times The book is a trilogy starting from Fifty shades of grey and ending with fifty shades freed.

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The novel starts with the event where the university student Anastasia Steel walks into Christian Grey’s office for an interview replacing her friend Kate who was supposed to be interviewing him.

You will be so hooked to this story from page to page, by the erotic display of affection between both of them and the unimaginable shades of relationship they explore on a physical level.

Not just that, the author of fifty shades of Grey , E.  L James will bind your heart to the stimulating love story between Anna and Christian with her creativity taking you on a ride of exploring the two lives.


The tycoon of the New York city with such a lavish life has a darker side of him that would be revealed step by step drawing the curiosity of the readers while the timid personality of Anna cannot help but falling in love so deep and deep with an intriguing taste of finding out the darker side of him and getting closer day by day. The more complicated his life turns out to be, the more Anna falls in love like she never imagined before.


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Enter the world of Anna and Christian who will fascinate you with their love, dedication towards each other and who will on another level fascinate you with their physical connection on a deeper level and with their erotic moves at the invincible red room where pain is not a matter of sadness but a realization of love and attraction to each other.

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It turns out to be a life changing journey for both of them so much so that you will be motivated to lead a life filled with such romance and closer bond with your life partner. So the 50 Shades of Grey PDF will be an ideal addition to your must read list where you will find new corners of lives which you haven’t been told before… so interesting and so enthralling and you would want to go back and read right before a romantic encounter with your loved one!


As you reach the climax of the story, the first part of the trilogy Fifty shades of Grey ends with a low note that you cannot simply stay without getting your hands on the second episode of the novel, Fifty shades of Grey Darker.


Hurry up and download all 3 episodes of the book and E L James will not disappoint you whether you are looking for love… physical attraction… a thrilling experience of taking the plunge of committing to a relationship you never imagined !


Fifty Shades of Grey Movie…

In the light of fame and hype created around the world for the great content, the book has gone to the next stage of the development…. The movie Fifty Shades of Grey!!

The book has created more than 60 million copies within just few years after the book was released so there is no doubt about getting to the step of creation of the movie.


While Dacota Johnson took the challenging role of Anna, handsome Jamie Dornan paid the tribute to the character Christian. The both crossed a major hurdle that lot of celebrities of the current world would have dared to.

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Like in any other movie which comes out of a book, even 50 Shades was criticized by many for different reasons, reducing the authenticity of the story and also having more erotic scenes.


If you haven’t read the book and thinking of jumping to the movie straight away let me give you a big No!

Download Fifty Shades of Grey PDF and enjoy the story which created hype around the world and you will not regret the time you are going to spend on this exciting book and its indeed a life time experience as I doubt if any other author would be so willing to connect to the readers in the same way the author of the book has done… It’s a great and a courageous step by a female author!


Unravel the story by yourself and enter the world of fifty shades of imaginations on your own as you allow your mind to be dominated by the words of the book… once you enjoy the story from start to end, you can then think of the movie that would reveal the story in front of you in just few minutes…


Fifty Shades darker, the 2nd episode is supposed to release by 2017 with the same stars who have done a tremendous hard work to generate life to the fictional characters and leave you with red room and other sensual physical interaction that takes the movie world to a totally different platform.


Lets Take a look at the summary one more time

This is one of the books that has taken the world by storm. Often compared to the Twilight series that was released few years earlier, this book has so much more to offer, although it was initially a fan fiction of the high school student-vampire romance story. The lead character is a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and the story pretty much revolves with her relationship with the young handsome businessman named Christian.  The book was first released by the publisher Vintage Books, from its initial publication in June 2011, the book has sold more than 65 million copies all over the world. It is a record breaking book that sold faster than the Harry Potter series.

One of the key elements of the story is the book is the book Tess of d’Ubervilles that was given by the male lead to the female lead. Other important character of the book was Kate, Anna’s roommate that enabled the first meeting of Anna and Christian to happen. A book that goes into the often unexplored area of literature, the story is surely entertaining. It is also rare for this type of novel to be accepted by society, yet this one was beloved by many.


From teenagers to housewives and even professional women, the effect of the book through the word cannot be denied. Since it was released, there had been mixed reaction about the book. It had also been considered for a movie adaptation by some film production companies as well as some artists who are interested to play certain characters from the book.


However, the release seem to be taking time as, Jamie has requested time off to be with his family to welcome his new child… I hope you get your hands on the trilogy before the second episode comes out with the movie!

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