Fifty Shades of grey Book Review – Pros & Cons

Pros and cons 50 shades of grey

Pros and cons 50 shades of grey



  • It’s a best selling novel for a reason. It’s a soft romance novel with a hint of BDSM that makes it feel sexier than it actually is
  • A lot of women likely relate to Anastasia Steele on a superficial level; mostly quiet and respectable with a hidden sexual side that most people don’t see. I think it is these women who are mostly reading this book.
  • 50 Shades of Grey in  PDF version tt’s a super quick read, which is very easy to knock out within a week, maybe even a day or two. With summer coming I would recommend you take it to the beach or to the poolside.
  • Many people find that against the book is hard to put down. Whether that is due to the excessive hype surrounding it or due to the “so bad it’s good” feeling is unclear. What is clear is that there is something intriguing about this book, and you really have nothing to lose but a little time.
  • It’s fun to talk to your friends about to compare whether you love it or hate it.


  • The actual writing in the fifty shades of grey pdf book is not very smooth. It is so jumpy, incredibly repetitive, and the plot overall is very predictable. It is predictable to the point that some people may find it to read because there is almost no element of surprise. There is a “twist” at the end but it wasn’t particularly shocking.
  • The BDSM is so incredibly tame, and there are other romance books you can find in your public library that are more risque that 50 Shades of Grey.
  •  The chemistry between the two lead characters doesn’t feel believable, but since it is a fantasy novel that’s not too egregious an error.



Overall rating 9/10 – Overall 50 shades of grey pdf it’s a book I would recommend simply because it has against all odds become a strange cultural phenomenon that someone would be missing out by not reading it. It’s target audience is women, but men may enjoy it as well. Christian Grey isn’t so much a full character as a man seen through the eyes of Anastasia Steele. It’s basically a man that could only exist in a fantasy,especially as he is described as a 26 year old drop dead gorgeous billionaire. The book could have really benefited from a better writing style to give it more than one note. Sometimes it seemed that the audience was supposed to be shocked at a certain point, but nothing was really shocking. Again, this book seems to have two very different audiences in mind,18 year old girls and 60 year old women. Anybody between those two ages is not going to be shocked, and they may not even like the book at all. Fifty Shades of Grey P is written in first person from Anastasia’s perspective, and some people might find that annoying or off putting, but she was so quiet during most scenes that it was valuable to be able to read her thoughts and experience her emotions with her. Otherwise not only would the reader sense a disconnect from Grey, but there would also be a disconnect from Steele. If you know the shortcomings of the book going into it and read it from a perspective of not taking yourself or the book two seriously, you may find yourself surprised by how much you like it. Many people have said they couldn’t put the book down, and they are not even sure why. Some people love it and some people hate it, very few are wedged in the middle. It’s probably one of  the best romance novel on the market, and you should give it a try because you never know if you’ll like it until you start.