Is Fifty shades Darker Movie up for a reshoot ?



All Fifty shades fans have been waiting for the release of the movie “ Fifty Shades Darker” which is the second episode of the trilogy.

According to Celebs dirty laundry the film was recently screened in front of a test audience and the response has not been in favour of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. According to recent reports on the screening, the audience had laughed watching the sex scenes by the two celebrities. Therefore there are rumours that the two have been forced to do the scenes and they have worked very hard to build the chemistry between the two. This is undoubtedly causing major concerns for the producers as the movie is supposed to be released in Feb 2017 targeting the valentine’s day all around the world.

However despite all the reporting the producers of the movie Fifty Shades Darker are yet to reveal to the public whether the scenes will go through a reshoot. Let us wait till February to witness on our own whether the second episode is hot as the first one!